Portfolio Review_REDMARKS PLAN

Please fill out this form so we can send you the link to purchase the Portfolio Redmarks Plan and the link to upload your portfolio:

We are happy to hear that you are interested in getting some help with your portfolio and that we'll help you get the best out of your work! Purchasing the Portfolio Plan Redmarks you will get access to the following benefits:

✔ An expert from our Selection Committee will review your portfolio to cover the design, format, layout technique and methods of presentation you used.

✔ You’ll get your portfolio back with redmarks and general comments to turn it into a strong, comprehensive and rounded application material. (Review #1)​

✔ You can send us back the amended portfolio when you’re ready for a final review.​

✔ The same Career Advisor will provide you with a final feedback to make sure your portfolio shines bright like a diamond and its ready to succeed in your next interview! (Review #2)